Like many parents, we struggled to find the right daycare provider for our son. We tried larger facilities and individuals and had big issues on both ends. Petit à Petit has been incredible. Kelly is a master: 1) She is intrinsically gentle and deeply in touch with the children 2) Her routine flows beautifully and it keeps us on track at home 3) Her food is amazing - our son is always well fed (she provides the food - mostly home cooked and delicious) 4) the play area is amazing 5) FRENCH IMMERSION - our 21 month old son is bi-lingual! 6) plenty of outside play 7) Diversity among the children and parents 8) All of the kids are happy and amazingly well behaved - every time I show up, the kids are happily playing or submersed in an activity. When I show up during a snack or meal, they are all quietly eating at the table! This is not how it is at our house and they are managing to get a group of babies/toddlers like this. AMAZING lol. 9) Often times, our son doesn't want to leave! - I could really go on and on and on. We are so so grateful about Petit à Petit -reach out to me if you want a reference.